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Humley look forward to discussing how we can help transform your business, brand or organisation into a brand which is able to converse with your customers and provide truly useful outcomes.

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UiPath and Natural Langauge Engagement

Task automation technologies (Robotic Process Automation) and Natural Language Engagement platforms make a perfect partnership in allowing a customer, employees, and partners to self-serve a better understanding of your business, but also to self-serve some of the more mundane tasks, they need to perform.

Humley has partnered with UiPath to build Intelligent Robotic Automation. To demonstrate how our systems could work together Humley and UiPath have put together an illustrator demo:

    Ask some questions about creating robots and running processes.

    Ask to see what robots, environments, and processes have been created or are running

    Start-stop processes.

This is not a launched product but a chance to see how Intelligent Assistants can work together with UiPath.

WARNING: If you log in with your own UiPath credentials you will be stopping and starting your real processes.

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Something about what make's us different

Humley’s platform is deployable across multiple channels: Whether you require one or multiple, you can ensure your brand will have a unified and consistent message to your customers, whatever their access point. Each solution will allow your brand to improve the customer experience, reduce support costs, and unearth hidden revenue opportunities.

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The Assistant technology is configurable for any business and can be utilised in any channel. The Assistant supports STT and TTS and relies on several knowledge bases working together to ensure the Assistant is able to have a level of branded small talk conversation with a user, enriching the end-users engagement with that brand. The Assistant technology Humley have created is not scripted, the benefit of this is the ability to scale the solution within an organisation which has large customer bases to handle. The Humley Assistant technology is deployed and in use, please have a look at how the technology works and contact us with any questions or ask the Humley Assistant.

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