Interested in Natural Language Engagement?

Humley look forward to discussing how we can help transform your business, brand or organisation into a brand which is able to converse with your customers and provide truly useful outcomes.

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AI on mobile

The CAT® branded Mobile Assistant for the S60 was designed to enrich customer experience and provide simplified customer support without the need to leave the device.

The solution is live in 28 Countries across Europe and delivered in 4 key languages*.

The Mobile ecosystem is complex and being able to deliver a personal experience for customers based on their needs, is incredibly powerful.

*Humley support many languages.

Delivering Accuracy

The Humley platform and toolkit focus on delivering accuracy to the end user and provide the business with insights on the gaps in the results and how to remove these, ultimately to keep improving the accuracy levels.

The toolkit enables a business to really understand what the customer pain points are and allows you to automate the AI training. Humley can prove the effort to manage and train an AI system reduces over time, the more it is used and trained the quicker it learns.

This means there is no need for huge teams of people undertaking huge amounts of data entry, one operative can take a live service from 60% to 90% accuracy in under 3 weeks.  

Customer Insights

Knowing what customers are asking for means you can spot issues early and provide engaging resources, such as videos. If the issue is on the device there is also the ability to deep link the user into the specific device area to resolve the issue, the system understands the device UI and is able to resolve end users issues in the channel they are using.

There is the additional opportunity to spot issues first or identify issues which may not be arising in other customer channels. Being able to address these issues in real time and listening directly to the customer has a powerful impact on reducing churn, improving NPS and lowering device return rates.

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