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iQ for The AI Summit

We have all been to events and forgotten some key piece of information, or wanted to know more about the agenda and speakers at the event, or even just wanted to know what the local area to the event is like. 

iQ is a lightweight Assistant and was created and delivered in 3 weeks to support The AI Summit delegates, sponsors, and press on the run up to and during the event.

iQ is designed to make interactions simpler, if you can't find something or you want to know more, just ask iQ.

iQ in use

The AI Summit were able to experience the implementation of an AI-powered solution and to provide delegates a richer more intuitive experience around the event.

Data gathered following the iQ deployment shows iQ has so much more potential than simply making delegates lives easier. iQ has a strong sales and revenue driving potential and creates a smart navigation and engagement tool for The Ai Summit team.

Humley will continue to work with The AI Summit and will be delivering solutions for the New York event on the 1st December 2016 and London in May 2017.

We are happy to confirm we are working with the AI Summit to support the 2017 and 2018 events with a deeper integration and packed full of unique Humley functionality.


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