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Document retrieval

If you are a business who produces vast amounts of documents then the Humley solution can help.

Retrieving a document to a related search exists, but imagine if you could ask about a subject and the machine would be able to understand the question and the subject matter to return documents related but not mentioned in the ‘keyword’ search.

Today you need to know what you are looking for to be able to find it, which with vast amounts of documents and data is impossible.

Now all you need to know is the subject and the system can pull back everything relating to the subject which may be relevant and based on what you need to know.

This creates an easy intuitive user experience which means less time wasted on looking for items which are not relevant or needed.

There are many places where accessing information means more than getting the right answer, it means finding the right historical documents, research papers, legal case history that will be use for further study.

Finding the right documents is a process of understanding what the documents contain and AI and natural language understanding can dramatically improve the selection of the right documents, and understanding where your points of interest are referenced in the documents.

Take a Legal firm, junior staff are tasks with finding previous case studies which may be useful examples of judgement precedent or previously overturned judgements. Once ingested into a knowledge base solution like Humley, the user can ask convoluted complex search criteria and we will search for documents that reference that terminology (or similar terminology, and also highlight where in the document this references are made.

Simplifying the process of selecting documents and analysing their appropriateness.

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