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Humley look forward to discussing how we can help transform your business, brand or organisation into a brand which is able to converse with your customers and provide truly useful outcomes.

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Enterprise AI and Natural Language Engagement

Humley has a unique approach to resolving the inherent challenge of implementing machine to human conversational technology.

Humley apply best of breed AI technology, meshed together with their own AI IP to deliver natural, flexible machine to human unscripted conversations. Conversations that spontaneously move across multiple topics, are individually tailored to the user and produce useful end user outcomes.

Humley's unique management system enables rapid and efficient delivery of multi-function, multi-channel end user solutions at scale. The containment rate of Humley Cognitive Assistant is market leading.

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Valuable Multi-Channel Conversations

Humley are experts in surfacing accurate knowledge for any conversational interaction, from the most frequent to the more obscure. The platform derives implicit and explicit context from the channel by which the conversation is happening and has a unique set of tools which identify, query and qualify user context. The system is designed to deliver solutions to the end user and has a rich and diverse set of multimedia capabilities, as well as being able to integrate with any existing systems as required to optimise the user experience.

  • Web & Apps

    Over 50% of customers think it is important to solve product issues themselves rather than rely on Customer service. (Zendesk)

  • Customer Service

    The #1 most important factor in customer loyalty is reduction of customer effort. (Harvard Business Review)

  • Social Media

    Answering a social media complaint increases customer advocacy by as much as 25%. (Convince and Convert)

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